4 thoughts on “We Love Music: Scissor Sisters @ 9:30 Club — 7/3/12

  1. Sounds like an identical set list to Monday night but a much happier & engaged crowd; Matronic never seemed less than thrilled with the audience. Wish they’d played my favorite, Lovers in the Backseat.

  2. The crowd was pretty engaged. The band said several times they were enjoying the second night much more than the first, but I took that more as typical flattery than honest appreciation….!

  3. it was a very good show, but thing with the phone was a buzz kill. Seemed completely unnecessary and sort of ugly from where we were standing (pretty far away). anyone who can make their way to the front row at a packed 9:30 club after paying for their ticket has already proven their dedication as a fan. Why does he/she have to conform to whatever behavior that the band required. Totally took the fun out of the end of the show.

  4. I thought the phone thing took guts… but I totally understand how it was a buzzkill for some. I gotta say though it seemed in character for her so I wasn’t terribly shocked. I think the rest of the band was a bit embarrassed…