Weekend Flashback: 7/27-7/29

Photo courtesy of cruffo
courtesy of cruffo

And then it became August. On the bright side, Congress is about to go on it’s traditional month long recess, so that means a generally lazy month for the city (and the one time of the year when they can’t mess things up). And we have the Olympics for half of the month, right? Still, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I always see summer through the eyes of a kid, and see August as the beginning of the end for summer (because school starts shortly). Well, let’s have fun with the summer we have left, starting with some great photos from the weekend. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of dcscorpio
Shark in Silver Spring
courtesy of dcscorpio

Photo courtesy of andradeXcobain
9:30 Club’s Finest
courtesy of andradeXcobain

Photo courtesy of yostinator
Natty Boh
courtesy of yostinator

Photo courtesy of OlivierJD
Hillwood Gardens
courtesy of OlivierJD

Photo courtesy of Noe Todorovich
The Stand Off
courtesy of Noe Todorovich

Native Run - Live @ Jammin' Java
Native Run – Live @ Jammin’ Java
courtesy of Matthew Straubmuller

Photo courtesy of Nikoo's Photos
Dropped Ice Cream Cone
courtesy of Nikoo’s Photos

Photo courtesy of wolfkann
Arlington, VA
courtesy of wolfkann

Photo courtesy of vpickering
Ornamental doorway
courtesy of vpickering

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