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“Cookie cutter” can be a critique with modern architecture; truth be told, I think it can be rather boring to look at. But repetition can also make a fascinating photo when done correctly. Take Emily’s photo here. Catching this apartment building at just the right spot created a series of eye catching repeating of windows and balconies. In fact, there is next to no variation. Removing the color from the shot adds to effect, forcing the viewer to look for variation, and finding none. Truly fascinating.

Brian is so DC. Born on Pennsylvania Ave (not there) to a lifelong Federal worker father and a mother who has worked for Garfinkel’s, the Smithsonian, and Mount Vernon. Raised on the “mean streets” of Cheverly, MD; went to high school at Gonzaga College High School (Hail Alma Mater!); and now trolls the corridors of Congress as a lobbyist, you couldn’t write a more quintessentially DC back-story. When he isn’t trying to save the country from itself, Brian can be found walking DC looking for that perfect photograph.

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2 thoughts on “Featured Photo

  1. It is the exact same block of 3 floors with 2 balconies on each floor repeated over and over. The left balcony of the “top” (taller) floor has a chair. In the exact same position. 16 times in this picture. Plus, there is no change in perspective as you look from top to bottom. How can you see the floor of each balcony from the same angle at eye level as you do looking down? Not possible.