Bro Can’t Take The Heat, Jumps Into Georgetown Waterfront Fountain (Video)

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It’s been a hot weekend. As someone whose air conditioning unit is currently on the fritz, I can understand if the heat can drive people to do some rather stupid stuff. My friend Mark witnessed such an act yesterday while enjoying some drinks at Tony & Joe‘s on the Georgetown Waterfront.

Someone who could be best described as a “Bro” decided to cool himself off by jumping into the fountain wearing only a t-shirt and boxers. After returning to cheers of “USA! USA!” (did they think this was USA/Germany game over at RFK?) the unknown Bro decided to do an encore performance complete with snow angels and splashing what must be very nasty fountain water into his face.

The crowd appeared to enjoy it, you can hear chants of “YOLO!” as well as someone remarking that he must be a true American hero.

Not everybody was impressed however. The bouncer kicked the Bro out of the bar, taking his wristband off at the end of the video. Mark observed the Bro paying the bouncer to get back in.

The forecast for this upcoming week looks to be a bit cooler with highs in the low 80s, good thing because if it got any hotter who knows what sort of Bro-ish behavior we could see around town.


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One thought on “Bro Can’t Take The Heat, Jumps Into Georgetown Waterfront Fountain (Video)

  1. Actually this guy is pretty cool. The people watching and making “clever” comments, on the other hand…