Weekend Flashback: 11/01-11/03

With the days getting shorter and nights getting longer it’s the perfect time of year to try some long exposure photography. If you’ve never done it before a little Google sleuthing will provide a lot of information. Essential (but not required) tools include a tripod and a shutter release cable or remote. Don’t have either? Try a park bench or brick wall or some other sturdy surface in lieu of a tripod. Find the timer setting on your camera and set it for 2 or 10 seconds (or whatever it offers) if you don’t have a shutter release. Does your camera have the ability to lock the mirror to reduce in camera shake? Grab the owner’s manual and find out! Play around with shutter speeds, apertures, and even ISO to see what kind of images you can create. Then post them to our Flickr group so we can be blown away by your creative genius.

Our Weekend Flashback is full of all sorts of great photos this week, not just long exposure shots. Let’s wander through the memories together, shall we?

Born and raised in Silver Spring, MD, Kerrin is a product of Montgomery County public schools and the University of Maryland. A photographer, treehugger, and perpetual retail employee with a swearing problem she’s always up for a good dirty joke or two. When not re-treeing DC with Casey Trees, or honing her passive-aggressive Maryland driving skills on the Beltway, she can be found watching puppy videos on YouTube.


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