We Love Weekends Dec 13 – 15

Don: My family is taking the tack of reverence and absurdity for our weekend. Saturday morning we’ll get up early and go join others in the annual tradition of laying wreaths on the graves at Arlington Cemetery. If you’re interested in participating you can find info at Wreaths Across America’s website but the short version is “just show up.” You don’t have to contribute financially but I’d suggest it’s the right thing to do; after an earlier reported shortfall Google stepped up and covered much of the needed funds to provide the remaining wreaths, but not all. When we’re done with that we’ll don our gay apparel and join the loons at Santarchy for some enforced cheer and debauchery. The Darned Toddler will prevent us from being a part of the evening bar crawl but the wander along the way is fun.

Rebecca: I missed this week’s snow so I’m kinda pumped to see some flakes this Saturday and go walking around the city enjoying the holiday season. Friday I’ll catch dinner with a good friend at the newly opened Fainting Goat on U Street. I checked this place out last Friday for HH and apps and was blown away by the pork fries, fish n’ chips and meat pies. Definitely unexpected goodness. Afterwards, we’ll head to the Strathmore to catch San Fermin. I saw these guys in October at DC9 and they were amazeballs. Their self titled first album is one of NPR’s Top Albums of 2013, so I highly recommend making the trek up to Bethesda to catch these guys. Saturday I’m off to IKEA early to buy various items to hack a standing desk in my home office and enjoy Swedish meatballs. Saturday evening I’ve got a festive holiday party to hit up that’s close by so the weather shouldn’t hinder that. Sunday it’s NFL watching time, grocery shopping and laundry. Can’t. Wait.

Tom: This is the weekend of every party. Tonight I’m out at the Brixton, tomorrow night with the Whitesides, Saturday night with friends in Woodridge, and then Sunday with the We Love DC gang. This is getting out of control, this partying. But, I’ll also be hitting up Yelp’s Totally Bazaar over at Monroe Street Market on Saturday, and then rolling through the Brookland Celebration of Lights to get in the spirit. While our house totally isn’t on that tour, it may give us inspiration for years to come.

Rachel: Pretty pumped for this weekend. In between trying to write new material for my weekly video submissions to YouTube, I’ll be catching a show at U Street Music Hall AND spend time catching up with my We Love DC family. Saturday night I’ll be at U Street Music Hall for the early show where Honor By August will be shooting a music video for their new single “Already Yours.” HBA are awesome guys who write incredibly catchy tunes. I haven’t seen them since August but I’m just so unbelievably stoked to be a part of the night in general, so hooray HBA! Then I’ll be brunching it up with the We Love DC crew on Sunday. Looking forward to getting into a little trouble all while being productive and having a good time. Heck yeah.

Fedward: Under the river and through the ‘burbs, to the Whitesides’ house we go for a party on Friday night.  Saturday we’ll try to swing by the Penn Quarter holiday market and then the Green SchoolsGuastavino, and Overdrive exhibits at the National Building Museum, but mostly we’ll stay inside where it’s warm, and where we need to prepare the house for the arrival of family for Christmas. Sunday like everybody else we’ll be at the We Love DC shindig, then over to the Passenger to make up for missing last week’s hangover brunch (on account of being too hung over). And Paul’s Neil Diamond threat sounds like just my sort of challenge (mix in the misguided Barbra Streisand effort and the awkward time capsule that is the Johnny Mathis Christmas album and you won’t be able to keep me away).

Paul: This weekend is all about holiday parties (keep calm and batch on). Friday night I’m doing a snow dance (not a cocaine euphemism, I promise) because I’m hoping for blizzard conditions Saturday. I’ve got the day off and I’m planing to stay inside, sip tea and other mulled beverages, and watch the snow all day. I wonder if I can rent a cat or a puppy to use as furry space heater. Saturday night I’m off to a family holiday party. I’m already mentally preparing myself to be designated punch ladle wielder all weekend. Hopefully I can drink the fam under the table early so I can duck out and visit all my new bartender friends from Repeal Day Ball. Which means the why-is-it-so-bright-in-here hangover shades might make an appearance at the We Love DC holiday staff brunch Sunday. If I’m still functioning, it’s off to work for the remainder of the Sunday night. I foresee an 8pm last call… (you don’t have to go home, but if you stay here I’m going to play Neil Diamond’s Christmas album on repeat. Your call.)

Jenn: Jam-packed. Where’s the peanut butter? If I wanted, I could spend the entire weekend hanging out in the two-block radius around my apartment. But since I’m cooking for both Friday dinner and Sunday brunch, I’ll venture out for some market shopping, hitting up the glossy new Shaw Giant and then Union Market. I’ve been eyeing the meat counter at Harvey’s for a while now. And charcuterie! Wild boar pate and other delights from Red Apron Butchery, with something gooey and funky from Righteous Cheese. Definitely need more exotic syrups and shrubs from Salt & Sundry to keep guests nice and tipsy. I’ll be rustling up my famous strata for Sunday brunch, known to bring men to their knees (but sorry, this weekend it’s only for my pals here at WLDC, as we meet to plan out 2014). In between, we’ve got legendary graffiti artist Cool “Disco” Dan at the Howard Theatre, beer made in Shaw at Right Proper, and the little corner bar that’s already a favorite: All Souls. Want some culture? The breathtaking classical sculpture the “Dying Gaul” is on loan from Rome to the National Gallery of Art (the first time it’s left Italy since Napoleon’s purloin in 1797), and Baryshnikov is performing in the amazing experimental piece “Man in a Case” at Shakespeare Theatre Company. That should do it. It’s going to be a fantastic weekend.

Well I used to say something in my profile about not quite being a “tinker, tailor, soldier, or spy” but Tom stole that for our about us page, so I guess I’ll have to find another way to express that I am a man of many interests.

Hmm, guess I just did.

My tastes run the gamut from sophomoric to Shakespeare and in my “professional” life I’ve sold things, served beer, written software, and carried heavy objects… sometimes at the same place. It’s that range of loves and activities that makes it so easy for me to love DC – we’ve got it all.


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