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Proper Topper Sale: Consolidating Shops

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‘PEYTON- Infinity Cowl Olive Green Brass Buttons’
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After close to a decade of business on P Street, the Proper Topper’s Georgetown shop will be closing its doors on October 31st. Fear not, the billowy blouses, floral dresses and chic hats will still be available at Proper’s Dupont shop. To lighten their consolidating shop load, the store is hosting a “Wrap-It-Up” sale starting this Saturday with discounts going up as the closing time approaches. Additionally, this Sunday the shop will host the (rescheduled) Proper Swapper, where attendees can swap clothes, eat treats and help raise funds for Martha’s Table.

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Luxury Retailing in a Post-Recession Washington

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‘Louis Vuitton Dog @ Atatürk Airport’
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While within the District and around the region the recession seems to still be felt terribly – the census numbers reported yesterday, for example, which show a marked rise in childhood poverty – other pockets of the metropolitan area are recovering faster. It was reported recently that, for the fourth year in a row, Maryland ranks second in the nation for millionaire households. Virginia holds seventh place in that ranking, and the District tenth. According to Forbes, six suburban counties in our area are among the wealthiest in the country. Loudon County Virginia, the richest in the region is also top in the nation, followed closely by Fairfax County.

Moneyed suburban Virginia – the flushest area within a region with one of the strongest economies in the country – made an appropriate setting, then, for experts to convene on luxury retailing in the post-recession world. The first event of 2010’s All Access Fashion encouraged journalists and marketers to delve into what is meaningful for consumers today. Even if some individuals still have the cash to buy them, how does one – brand or shopper – justify “luxury” goods?
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Commander Salamander Removes “Closing” Signs

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‘Commander Salamander, so it goes..’
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It’s been 8 months since we heard word that Commander Salamander was shuttering. Unlike its sister shop, Up Against The Wall, which closed super fast, the Wisconsin Avenue punk/hipster/preppy/raver shop has chugged on, despite keeping the “Store Closing” signs in its windows. This has left shop fans and area residents confused and perplexed about the store’s future. Was the shop still closing? If so, how could it take 8 months to liquidate the merchandise? Is Commander Salamander just playing tricks and using the signs as a gimmick to increase store traffic?

Then, like it had never happened, a few days ago the signs disappeared. But the questions still remain. Does the removal of the signs mean it’s really the end? Or has a crisis been averted and the shop will remain?

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Here Comes The Bag Monster

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Andy Keller, known to many as the “Bag Monster” is bringing his 500 – 700 plastic bag suit and plastic bag display to DC today.  If you caught Andy when he visited DC on September 6th, then you already know that Keller’s suit represents the amount of plastic bags the average American uses in a year and the rest of his display, 45,000 plastic bags, a single person’s lifetime consumption of bags. Keller’s goal is to educate communities about the harms of single-use bags, and while DC’s bag tax has helped diminish bag consumption, we’ve still got a ways to go.

If you spot the bag monster, send us a tweet @welovedc with his location.

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Today’s Fashion Crawl with Stacy London

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‘delicious meatpies selling next door’
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Today from 11am-5:30pm, Stacy London of TLC’s “What Not To Wear” fame is hosting a fashion crawl around DC to promote the launch of  Style For Hire (SFH). SFH recruits London-esque stylists who can help us everyday folk edit, add to and transform our wardrobes into expressions of our personal and unique sense of style.

The fashion crawl will be happening all over DC, so check the schedule to see when SFH and Stacy London will be headed near you.  Also, bring an orphan garment that needs a little embellishment, and SFH will help you give it a whole new life.

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What’s This I Found?

Along with taking over the Blue Bus Dupont to Rosslyn Route, the DC Circulator has decided to get all techie on us with the roll out of QR codes. Recently, I noticed these bar code-esque additions (located near the bus exits) on my daily commute and I was, naturally, curious. Where would the code take me and my smartphone? Turns out the location it’s too exciting, it’s a quickie “how are we doing” customer service form. However, it did open my eyes to the super mobile and user friendly “Where is My Bus? For DC Circulator” app that covers all the various DC Circulator routes and schedules. Super useful.

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PEPCO Continues to Suck

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According to a tipster, readers on South Capitol and 2nd St SW may be without power from 8pm to 7:30am tonight due to transformer repairs in the area.  This is all well and good, except that PEPCO neglected to notify customers in the neighborhood that they would be without lights or AC, this evening. The reader that reported this saw some PEPCO repairmen in the area and asked them what was going on.  They informed her of the maintenance work and she called the power company, who was kind enough to inform her that her house would be affected. After a search around PEPCO’s website and an odyssey through their multiple, automated and impenetrable customer support lines, I can find no listing of scheduled outages or maintenance.  This means that customers are not being notified that their service will be interrupted. But then again, why should PEPCO have to tell you peons about that kind of stuff.  It’s not like anyone needs power, or anything.

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A Flip Camera Liaison

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The Liasion, an Affinia Hotel located on Capitol Hill, currently has a very intriguing and knowing DC hotels, potentially scandalous, end of summer offer.  Book a minimum two night stay for $229/night and they’ll gift you a Flip Video Camcorder. Hmmm…I wonder what possible uses, aside from capturing our beautiful city, this video recorder could have at a hotel called The Liaison. Marion Barry better watch out.

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Georgetown BID Unveils New Map

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‘The Old Town Georgetown’
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Georgetown’s BID debuted its new official Georgetown map featuring store listings, historic sites and more. Like most BID managed projects, the map heavily promotes the neighborhood’s businesses, but what really stood out to me are the two walking tours. One focuses on Georgetown locales where movies like Dave, True Lies, The American President, etc. were filmed. And the other features notable Kennedy residents and haunts. The map also lists the must-visit/dos sites of Georgetown, like the Old Stone House, Tudor Place and C&O Canal Boat Rides, etc.

The Georgetown BID is currently redefining the neighborhood’s “brand” with the help of Arlington’s The Roan Group. Not sure if the map is part of this project, but as a Georgetown frequenter, I think, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

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And The Day Is Mine! WAMU’s “Big Broadcast” To Reair On Sunday Mornings

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‘open mic’
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Joy of joys! WAMU will be reairing The Big Broadcast on Sunday mornings. If you haven’t caught this fabulous show, hosted by Radio Hall of Famer and local DCite Ed Walker, then you’ve truly been missing out. The four hour long show features recordings of popular radio programs from the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s, and is seriously the best way to ease back into the coming work week.

While some of the programs can be on the cheesy side, i.e. “har. dee. har. har.” most of the shows offer fantastic whodunit story lines, wonderful radio renditions of classic books/plays and feature some of the brightest stars of that day like Orson Welles, James Stewart, Olivia De Havilland, Henry Fonda, Frank Sinatra, and many more.

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National Cheesecake Day: Get Your Forks Out

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‘The Cheesecake Factory’
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In honor of National Cheesecake Day, all Cheesecake Factories have slashed prices on all their cheesecakes by 50%.  They’re also debuting their latest addition, Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake, which looks ultra yummy good. So stop in your local Cheesecake Factory, and treat yourself you a slice.

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Erin Andrews Files Suit Against Marriott International

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‘Pumpkin Decorating Contest 2009 005’
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ESPN sports reporter, Dancing With The Stars contestant and internet search sensation, Erin Andrews has filed a civil lawsuit against Bethesda-based Marriott International Inc., according to the Washington Business Journal.

The suit stems from the invasion of privacy committed by Michael David Barrett when he illegally videotaped Andrews in her hotel room and posted the nude videos on the internet.

Andrews is claiming that hotel staff gave out her hotel room number, and enabled Barrett to capture his illicit video.

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Free Cupcake Madness

In honor of the premiere of their new reality show airing tonight at 10pm on TLC, Georgetown Cupcake is giving away a free, special edition cupcake all day today.

Some co-workers and I stopped by the M Street shop at 10am to snag our freebie and were met with a line and some questionable cupcake giveaway flow problems.

Words of caution: If you’re dying for a cupcake, you must be willing to battle the lines, which will undoubtedly grow longer as the day goes on, and the hot, humid and gobs of sweat inducing weather. You’ve been warned.

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Reality TV: “DC Cupcakes” Premiere

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Last night’s preview party for “DC Cupcakes” was filled with pink boxes, votive candles, delicious mini cupcakes, champagne and a fantastic look out at the trials, tribulations and success of locally owned and operated Georgetown Cupcake.

The first episode of the six-part series premieres this Friday at 10pm on TLC and opens on Valentine’s Day, the busiest day of the year, where the cupcakery must meet a demand increase of 500% (the shop usually sells 5,000 cupcakes a day, so we’re talking 25,000 cupcakes here,) AND tackle a last minute challenge for a good cause. Like every small business, and reality TV show, there are bumps in the road, conflicts, mishaps, lovable characters (look for comic relief from head baker Andrew and shop staffer Yasmin) and late nights. Also, be prepared for a blast from the past, as the episode contains Snopocalyspe covered streetscapes. SnOMG!

While some might argued that the cupcake craze has jumped the shark, there’s something sweet (pun intended,) charming and inspirational about two sisters quitting their finance and fashion industry jobs to join forces and simply bake cupcakes. According to co-owner Sophie LaMontagne, the two sisters originally defined success as “making the rent and baking with their mom at their side.” LaMontagne exuberantly added “I get to come to work in sweatpants and make cupcakes!” Got to admit that sure beats pantyhose. Continue reading

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Georgetown? More Like IceCreamtown.

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‘Thirty #115’
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With today’s opening of Georgetown Scoops, the NW neighborhood officially became IceCreamtown with 8 ice cream/froyo shops located all within a .5 mile radius of each other. The question now becomes when can you have too much ice cream? My answer today would be absolutely never.

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Will DC Save Money, Live Better With Wal-Mart?

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‘Welcome to Wal-Mart – We have blue light special’
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I didn’t think I’d see the day that Wal-Mart would move into The District; but then again I never thought Costco would move into New York City or that Target would inhabit Columbia Heights.

The ongoing effort for the retail giant/labor union foe to build a location within Washington, DC may have come to a head this week. After announcing a deal to build a 2nd store in Chicago, the Washington Post is reporting that Wal-Mart is now close to finalizing a deal open a store in Northeast DC.

Anonymous sources within Wal-Mart told The Post that a deal should be in place by this fall to open a store on New York Avenue NE near the intersection of Bladensburg Road. The proposed site is 11 acres wide and wouldn’t need any zoning changes, a problem that came up for previous sites Wal-Mart has checked out. With a reputation like Wal-Mart’s, the corporation is looking for a location that would require the least amount of hassling. Right now the proposed piece of land is home to various auto parts shops and the Skylark Lounge, a strip club.

I wonder which would be more despised: a strip club or a Wal-Mart?

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DC Crafts: Find Of The Day

Washington DC Thermometer

courtesy of junquetart

The past week’s weather was a clear indicator that summer is in full swing in the DC metro area. Which makes me ponder how miserable living and working in DC must have been without AC. The image that immediately comes to mind is a large ice block in front of a fan. So today’s DC Crafts: Find Of The Day focuses on recording our sky high temperatures, and oddly enough today’s item is from circa 1950, when residential usage of AC was exploding.

Although today’s item, a pot metal Washington DC Thermometer, doesn’t accurately portray the layout of DC, I’m loving that it smushes the Jefferson Memorial, Capital and Washington Monument together to create a DC skyline. Also, always put a thermometer on the Washington Monument. Always. You gotta love this thermometer; it’s functional and design friendly piece that any lover of DC would love to add to their collection.

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DC Crafts: Find Of The Day

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‘God’s Eyes’
courtesy of ‘Kevin H.’

Maybe it’s the hot and humid weather, or maybe it’s because I feel like the city scene has been a little lethargic over the last few months, but I think we’re in need of some daily, local craftiness to inspire us to greatness.

So here it is. Today’s DC Craft of the Day comes to us from Etsy seller ksickles, who’s Washington DC  Metro Area Glass Tile Pendant will allow you to “Declare your love for Washington DC” and the surrounding hoods of Rockville, Baltimore, Annapolis, Alexandria and Arlington. FYI: The pendant is not waterproof, so no jumping in the Potomac with it on.

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Wonji Juice Comes To DC

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‘Juicing Apples’
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After Saturday night’s bender, my body and mind were begging me to consume something, anything really, that was nutrient-rich and healthy. With a frozen pizza and some left over chips my only pantry option, I dragged myself off to the nearby Whole Foods to fill my cart with leafy greens and organic goods.

When I arrived at the Georgetown temple of all things gluten and pesticide-free, I espied a new, and at that moment, perfect cure for my lingering hangover, a juice bar. Wonji Juice, the Annapolis started and based juice bar company, offers delicious and super-nutritious fruit, vegetable and superfood concoctions that address any therapeutic need (hangover, stress relief, skin health, etc.) that may be ailing you.

My cure was the Green River, which according to Wonji is a  “Vitamin and mineral dense greens for a nutritious blast! High in chlorophyll to improve blood quality and folate to help produce and maintain new cells.” I definitely picked the right juice for the occasion, and while I can’t say it immediately made my hangover go away, I could definitely tell that my body was thankful for the vitamin rich sustenance.

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We Love Drinks: The Birth of a Brewery

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‘Port City Pale Ale’
courtesy of ‘rabid_c’

I obviously think the world of DC, but there’s one thing I’ve always thought the metro area lacked: a brewery.  There are a myriad of beer nerd restaurants, places like ChurchKey, Brasserie Beck and Birreria Paradiso, that quench the appetites of a pretty decent sized population of aficionados. Small, well respected breweries make it a point to export to the DC area because the market is so ripe for well crafted beers.  It seems like the perfect place to open a brewery.  More over, it seems like the sort of place a local would start brewing on his own, generate a following and eventually establish a successful brewery.  Thankfully, Port City Brewing Co. is making this a reality.

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