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Erin Andrews Files Suit Against Marriott International

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ESPN sports reporter, Dancing With The Stars contestant and internet search sensation, Erin Andrews has filed a civil lawsuit against Bethesda-based Marriott International Inc., according to the Washington Business Journal.

The suit stems from the invasion of privacy committed by Michael David Barrett when he illegally videotaped Andrews in her hotel room and posted the nude videos on the internet.

Andrews is claiming that hotel staff gave out her hotel room number, and enabled Barrett to capture his illicit video.

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Area Corruptitude, Not DC

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Our beloved DC is often lambasted for being full of corrupt pols and evil lobbyist bent on turning America into their own little self center, money making machine. However, despite our seedy reputation, DC is only the 36th most corrupt “state” in the union, according to the DailyBeast.

Sure we had the largest case of tax fraud courtesy of  Harriette Monica Walters, who serves as DC’s image in the poll, but we’re no match for southern neighbor Virginia, who ranks #2, just behind the most corrupt state Tennessee, or Maryland which came in at #23.

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Violent Crime in DC Down Significantly in 2009

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The FBI has released their annual summary of crime data for the nation, and the good news is: Violent and Non-violent crime in DC is down markedly over 2008 at a decrease of 7.2%.  2009 saw major decreases in the murder rate (down 30%!), the forcible rape rate (down 24%!) and car theft (down 17%!) and moderate decreases in overall violent crime (7%), robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and larceny-theft.  Arson was up slightly to a total of 55 in 2009 over 51 in 2008.

Much credit to MPD and Chief Cathy Lanier for their outreach and enforcement efforts to bring overall crime in the District down!

Looking at the regional data, DC decreased at faster than the regional average of 6.6%, and may have accounted for some of the drop in the murder rate for the Southern Region, and a portion of the drop in forcible rape for the region. Better still DC is now out of the top ten cities for the per capita murder rate, dropping down to #14. Things are looking up!

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MPD, with Secret Service, Arrest ATM Robbery Suspect

atm robbery suspect, courtesy of MPD

As reported yesterday, the MPD arrested a suspect in connection to a series of armed ATM robberies in the First and Second Police Districts.

Prior to the May 19th arrest, the MPD had obtained an arrest warrant for the suspect, John Fenley Woodland, based on evidence from a robbery that occurred on May 5th along the 600 block of Massachusetts Avenue NW.

The suspect was apprehended on the evening of May 19th when U.S. Secret Service agents observed him committing an armed ATM robbery near the 800 block of 17th Street, NW.  The agents stopped the robbery, arrested the suspect and awaited MPD response. When MPD arrived the suspect was immediately recognized as Woodland, taken into custody and charged with two count of Armed Robbery for the May 5th and 19th incidents.

MPD detectives are currently investigating Mr. Woodland in connection to 10 robberies and potentially other similar offenses.

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Stolen Segway On The Loose

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Coming out of today’s Ward 2 Watch Commander’s Crime Update, it appears we’ve got a hot Segway on the loose in the streets of DC.  The report states that the victim was “watching a basketball game, left their Segway unsecured in the rear of the location during which time an unknown suspect(s) stole it.” The theft occurred late Wednesday night along the 2000 blk. of G St., N.W.

Really guy? You left your Segway out back with the keys in the ignition? Dumbass. But as much as I despise people cruising the streets on these horrid vehicles–just walk for f*#k’s sake you lazy piece of poop!–I despise thievery even more. So for those .0003 of you who have a Segway, be sure to lock. it. up.

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ATM Bandit On The Loose

atm robbery suspect, courtesy of MPD

UPDATE (May 21, 2010 8:50am): According to MPD’s Matthew Klein, an arrest has been made in connection to these armed robberies.  The MPD is now actively reviewing all cases and determining which robberies the suspect, arrested last night, is connected to. The suspect is currently being held without bail.

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is warning Northwest DC residents about an ATM machine robber working in their neighborhoods. The suspect’s (pictured above) most recent robbery occurred the DC’s First District on the 600 block of Massachusetts Avenue, NW. MPD believes this suspect is responsible for other similar robberies in the Second District.

The suspect’s MO is to approach individuals withdrawing money from ATM machines, and force them to withdraw additional funds while threatening to harm them. Several of the victims have stated that the suspect is armed with a knife.

As always, use caution when using ATMs and be aware of your surroundings. Should you see anyone matching this description, or if you observe anyone acting suspiciously, call 911 immediately.

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HOV Violators Beware

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Today, local area police are cracking down on High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane violators, aka: you lousy, stinking cheaters, as part of Capitol Region HOV Awareness Day.

So if you’re traveling in an HOV lane during rush hour either by yourself or with a dummy or your imaginary friend Buster, or with a blow up doll as your “other passenger,” you could a face a $90 fine and one point on your Maryland driving record or fines reaching as high as $1,000 and three points on your Virginia record.

Don’t mess with the law. Cheaters.

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Massage Parlor Leads To Huge Bust

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After a six-month investigation, local sheriffs have made nine arrests and charged the owner of Green Therapy, a Loudon county massage parlour, with operating a “bawdy place” and allowing massages to be performed without a permit.

Two Green Therapy employees were charged with giving massages without a permit and, more seriously, a third employee was charged with willfully touching or fondling a sexual part of a person. Law enforcement additionally charged 5 male customers for frequenting a bawdy place.

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Help Find This Puppy

"charlie" courtesy of nbcwashington

"charlie" courtesy of nbcwashington

Out of Prince William Country, VA comes a super upsetting story of a stolen pit bull puppy that was a high school graduation present to the owner’s daughter. The topper is that the puppy was taken right out of the owner’s vehicle.

According to NBCWashington, last Friday, the owner was parked outside a convenience store along Jefferson Davis Highway in Woodbridge. He left the pup in the car, went into the store for just two minutes, and when he went back to the car, the dog was gone.

The little fellas name is Charlie, he’s very friendly, is gray and white and was wearing a name tag. Anyone who may know anything about the dog’s disappearance should call Prince William County police at 703-792-6500.

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You can Drink Your Coffee Naked, After All!

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The Fairfax Court of Appeals has ruled that it is legal to be naked in your own home.  You may remember that a few months ago a neighbor saw Eric Williamson through a window walking around his house naked, enjoying some coffee.  Said neighbor called the cops, who burst into Williamson’s Springfield home with guns drawn and arrested him.  A District Court judge convicted Williamson of indecent exposure a few months back, but he appealed and won. Jurors described the proceedings as comical, stating that acquittal was an easy decision.  Justice prevails!

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10 Shot in Driveby, 4 Dead

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Ten people were shot last night, four fatally, around 7:30pm in the 4000 block of South Capitol Street in an act of violence that has shaken the city. NBC4 reports that the weapon used in the shooting was “an AK-47 type” firearm, and that in the ensuing chase, four DC Police officers were injured in a crash on St. Barnabas Road in Oxon Hill as the chase went beyond the District line.  Three individuals were arrested in the Condon Terrace neighborhood in Southeast DC at the conclusion of the chase and have been taken into custody in DC.

The drive-by shooting represents the District’s single biggest act of violence since ten were shot at the O Street market in 1994 in a gang hit.  The motives for the shootings are unclear, as are any gang ties, but it is possible that the violence is related to the funeral of a man shot on Chesapeake St SE several days ago.

DC Fire/EMS said that over 50 personnel responded to last night’s shooting, including almost a dozen ambulances, in a typical mass casualty response.  Victims were transported to Washington Hospital Center for treatment.  One died at the scene, one en route to the hospital, and two have succumbed to gunshot wounds overnight.  Six more remain in the hospital, two with life-threatening injuries.  This is a story that will continue to unfold over the next few days, we’ll do our best to keep you updated.

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Hizzoner Once Again in Trouble

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So now the IRS is jumping back into the Marion Barry pool. (And a dirty one that is, too…) The IRS filed a lien against Hizzoner in an attempt to reclaim some of the $15,000 in unpaid taxes that Barry owes. “There is a lien in favor of the United States on all property and rights to property belonging to this taxpayer for the amount of these taxes,” states the lien.

This lien appears to be unrelated with Barry’s earlier IRS troubles, where he admitted he hadn’t paid the bulk of taxes on the $500,000 he earned between 1999 and 2004. The IRS has been taking $1,350 from Barry’s salary since late 2006 to repay that debt.

According to the lien, Barry also owes $649 for 2005; $4,907 for 2006; $8,679 for 2007; and $1,022 for 2008. Fred Cooke, Barry’s attorney, believes Hizzoner paid his 2008 taxes in full.

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Serial Flasher at Work in Arlington

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The Arlington Police are warning female joggers on the W&OD Trail that the serial flasher we warned you about in January is still operating along the trail and has now exposed himself to eleven women in the last two months. Anyone with information about this creep is encouraged to talk to the Arlington Police, talk with Detective Comer at (703) 228-4243 or Detective Austin at (703) 228-4241. Don’t approach flashers, keep your distance and call the police. Be careful using headphones that don’t allow you to hear others approaching you, and be watchful on the trail.

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Snowballer Cop Keeps his Badge

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It appears that in the MPD, pulling your gun on innocent citizens isn’t a fireable offense.  This is lucky for Detective Mike Baylor, who, you’ll remember, didn’t take kindly to his hummer being hit by snowballs and waved his gun at some people involved in a U St. snowball fight. A few months have passed, and after some measure of deliberation, MPD decided Baylor could keep his badge. DC Police Chief Lanier stated that Baylor did violate department protocol but that his offense didn’t merit termination.  So, be wary of red hummers and keep your snowballs hidden away.  You never know when Baylor might roll up to inflict some justice on your ass.

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The Most Annoying Metro Person

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People cause me great consternation on my commutes in and out of the city. I have this vision in my mind of how everyone should behave on the metro in order to make a perfect commute.  People would be kind and considerate, they would move briskly, no one would tote rolly book bags, and those two teenagers at the end of the car would stop their shouting.  But no, it’s not like that.  Maybe I’m just growing cynical, but the longer I take the metro, the more it seems like a virulent trap of obnoxious types intent on making commute as unpleasant an experience as possible.  It’s gotten to point where I’ve started grouping people into certain personalities.  There’s the “stand in the doorway” guy, the “pole dancer“, the “I’m sorry my bag is sitting here” guy, and so on and so forth.  It’s really been weighing on me for the past few days.  I’m sure this is something that you rehash this with your peers every so often, but let’s share: who is your least favorite metro personality? Mine: rolly book bag person, without equivocation.

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Mr. Jefferson Frowns on your Shenanigans!

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Fox 5 reports that the US District Court has dismissed the lawsuit of a woman who was arrested for dancing in the Jefferson Memorial.  Mary Oberwetter, the dancer in question, was arrested two years ago when she failed to stop dancing at a Park Police officer’s request.  The Park Police dictate that an air of tranquility and reverence should be maintained by visitors when in national monuments.  Ms. Oberwetter’s impromptu dance party was deemed a violation of this, and like an idiot, she decided not to obey the man with the gun and was arrested. Charges were  eventually dropped, but Oberwetter sued the Park Police for violating her first amendment rights. The District Court, however, felt differently and ruled in favor of the police.  So, if you’re a dancer, keep out of the monuments.

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Another Cuddling Incident

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Has the “Georgetown Cuddler” returned?  Police report that a woman in Glover Park awoke on Sunday morning to find a stranger spooning her in bed. Upon discovery, the man fled without stealing anything, or otherwise causing any property damage.  This crime bears striking resemblance to a spate of sexual assaults that occurred in Georgetown, last year.  In all cases, women asleep in their homes awoke to find a stranger fondling them. This is first such incident since August.

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Northface Store Robbed, Handgun Involved

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Yesterday afternoon thieves entered The Northface Clothing Store on M Street in Georgetown, stole a large amount of merchandise and held the pursuing security officer at gunpoint before making their getaway.

At around 1:45pm, five suspects entered the store, removed a significant amount of merchandise, exited the store without paying and got into an awaiting dark colored, 4 door, Mercury Marquis parked on 36th and Prospect Streets. Then, according to Lieutenant John M. Hedgecock of the MPD, “The [Northface] security officer confronted the suspects within the vehicle. At this time, the driver of the vehicle pointed a silver handgun at the security officer and stated ‘back up’.” Fortunately, the  security guard, employees and passersby were not hurt during the incident. A description of the suspects is pending further MPD updates.

The theft is interesting considering October reports by My Fox DC and DCist that undercover MPD officers would be donning Northface apparel in an attempt to nab thieves. Wonder if the two are in any way connected. Continue reading

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Keeping Safe During The Holidays

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With the holiday season in full swing, it’s important to note that thefts and robberies normally increase during this time of year as we’re out of the house shopping, and carrying around more money and merchandise than normal.  So let’s keep in mind, these Neighborhood Watch Program safety tips/ reminders:

· Carry your valuables wisely.   Do not keep cash in your wallet or purse.  Keep cash in your inside pocket and only carry the credit cards you will use that day.

· Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.  If you must leave packages in your car, lock them in the trunk or in the glove compartment.  Remove your radio faceplate and lock it in the glove compartment.  Never leave your vehicle engine running while away from your car, even for a moment.  Never leave your GPS, mounting bracket, or cord visible.  It is best to remove them. Continue reading

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Learning About St. Elizabeth’s Hospital

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‘St Elisabeth’s Hospital – Autopsy is also a spectator sport’
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While poking around through the We Love DC Flickr pool this morning, I ran across spiggycat’s set of photos from a recent tour of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Anacostia. Since that was the second time in the space of a week someone mentioned touring St. Elizabeth’s, and since I know pretty much nothing about it, AND since my day job is into its 2nd straight day of technical issues that are preventing me from accomplishing anything, it seemed like a good time for self-education-by-Google.

St. Elizabeth’s was founded in 1855 as the Government Hospital for the Insane, headed by Dorthea Dix, and intended to care for patients from the Army, Navy, and District of Columbia. But the Civil War soldiers in treatment there didn’t like telling people they were in a hospital for the insane, so they referred to it by the old colonial name of the land the hospital sat on, St. Elizabeth’s. It wasn’t until 1916 that Congress got with the program and renamed the hospital officially.

Continue reading