Featured Photo

Featured Photo

Barber Shop by Give Me a Vote!

While I generally shy away from featuring photos with watermarks, I readily made an exception for this one.  This photo by Joshua Cogan depicts a lot more than an oddly placed giant hand in a barber’s chair.  It’s part of a creative project by Albus Cavus and DC Vote called “Give Me a Vote!”  If you’re a resident of the District then you should be well aware of the fact that we pay taxes just like every other “state” does, yet somehow we lack full congressional representation.  In a country founded on liberty and just for all, one full of promise and Hope, our leaders tend to look the other way when it comes our voting rights.  In an effort to raise awareness, Give Me a Vote! will be placing these big hands across the city to represent our lack of a “voting arm”.  To quote from their website:

“Give Me a Vote! comments on the lack of democratic process available to DC residents. The voting arms represent new hope, and symbolize DC residents requesting the opportunity to practice one of their basic rights as U.S. citizens.  We aim to attract the attention of and promote action from DC residents who support DC democracy.”

You can even take an active part in this project by designing and adopting a sculpture to display in your home or business.  Eventually our collective voice will be heard and one day we’ll have representation just like the rest of the country.  That said, I’m also a fan of the alternative, that is, you keep your vote and we’ll keep our taxes.

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Weekend Pick: Cherry Blast

Cherry Blast 2010

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is many things to many people.  They have a parade, fireworks, and oh yeah – cherry blossoms.  But the event I’m really looking forward to is the second annual Cherry Blast.  Produced by The Pink Line Project, this creative extravaganza features performance art, dance, film, a haiku sake bar, free bruises, and a make out room (where you may also get free bruises if you know what you’re doing).

Last year’s event was a sight to be seen, and I imagine that this year will be even bigger and better.  With too many activities and artists to list here, click on over to the website to get a preview of the insanity.  If I haven’t sold you on Cherry Blast already, take it from a commenter on Facebook who said, “This shit looks dope.”

Indeed it does.

Cherry Blast
Friday, April 2
9 pm to 1 am
A warehouse at 1701 Florida Avenue, NW
$10 (21 and over)