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2013 Capital Fringe Festival

Fringe 2013 Preview Night / JCM

Fringe 2013 Preview Night / JCM

Fireworks, swamp weather, the crack of baseball bats. Summer’s in full swing, which means Capital Fringe Festival is back!

This massive theater festival celebrates its 8th year with all that you love and hate about indie work in July. Drama, comedy, romance, music, burlesque, puppetry, clowns – it’s all here, and you only have 18 days to see it all.

The Fringe Festival elicits thoughts of experimentation, a sense of summer fun at every corner, the taste of cold beer under the tent way past dark, and a lineup of eyebrow-raising shows that surprise in magical, transcendent displays.

Sure, it also brings with it muggy heat and those few shows that don’t rub you the way you’d hoped (WARNING: some may involve actual rubbing); but in our humble opinion, the good far outweighs the bad.

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