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MPD Cop Brings Gun to Snowball Fight

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The City Paper’s City Desk blog is reporting that during today’s snowball fight at 14th & U, some of the snowballers decided to target a maroon Hummer making its way down the street, only to have the driver get out, lose his shit, and start waving a gun around. Turns out, it’s a Metropolitan Police Department officer, possibly a detective. He didn’t identify himself  before drawing his weapon, but did after additional police arrived, apparently summoned by a 911 call to report a man with a gun.

I can’t imagine why it is that police have such a problem with community relations, can you?

[Update from Don @ 5:45p] There’s some video of the crowd and the officers – the plainclothes who started the incident and the uni who showed up subsequently – here on WJLA’s website. Someone in the scene also has a video camera running so I’m sure this isn’t the last angle we’ll see on this. No coverage here of the initial alleged gun-waving but the way the plainclothes keeps walking up to get into the face of his accusers says something to me about his demeanor, and it’s not flattering.

Wonder if Chief Lanier will make a public statement condemning this behavior?