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We Love Music: The Avett Brothers @ DAR Constitution Hall, 2/18/11

Avett Brothers @ DAR
All photos by Erin McCann

I didn’t much like the Avett Brothers when I first heard them. The banjo was too much, the vocal harmonies sometimes too off-key, the melodies sometimes just on the other side of pleasant. That changed a little bit for me one day when “Ballad of Love and Hate” from 2007’s “Emotionalism” came on, where the banjo was replaced by an acoustic guitar, and the melody was a simple tale of woe delivered in a clear, mournful voice by Seth Avett. And finally, when “I and Love and You” came out in 2009, and I first heard the chorus to the title track, I was hooked. I got it. I was a convert. I was in love. Continue reading

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Robin Williams Filming at DAR

Photo courtesy of
‘DAR Constitution Hall’
courtesy of ‘NCinDC’

Robin Williams is coming to DC and HBO is going to film him here. Williams’ national comedy tour, “Weapons of Self Destruction,” will make a stop at DAR Constitution Hall in November. THR.com reports that HBO plans to tape his performance there and air it as a prime-time special at some point December. If you’re hoping to get tickets to the show, good luck. The “Self-Destruction” tour is completely sold out. I guess that means that Robin Williams actually is funny?