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DC Bocce Summer Registration Opens Soon

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Some of us just aren’t hardcore enough for kickball. Seriously, I’ve heard some nightmare stories about overly-serious and competitive teams kicking half-inflated balls in the heat of a DC afternoon, and all that sounds miserable to me. I’m just not that kind of girl. So what is a girl like me to do for her summer recreation?

I’m thinking I want a sport without all that running, and possibly a sport that I can play beer-in-hand. Well, lazy sport lovers unite, DC Bocce League is my new best friend. Registration for the summer league opens June 22nd, and they’ve just introduced a new night and new playing locations.

With team names like Don’t Stop Boccelievin, Big Bocce Bitchslap, Organized De-Bocce-ry and Step Off Biocce, there are plenty of puns to go around. Get yours.