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We Love Foliage

Photo courtesy of Oblivious Dude

Hillside, courtesy of Oblivious Dude

Every change of season I think to myself “leaves are sneaky.”

It’s equally possible I’m just obtuse, but I suspect it’s a flavor of oblivious that a lot of us share. The changes are so gradual that we don’t notice till something forces us to become aware. Every year I look up one winter day and suddenly notice that the stand of trees no longer prevents me from seeing what’s behind it.  The leaves didn’t all fall off at once, but it certainly seems that way. In the spring I’m equally surprised when I realize my view cuts off suddenly in a shaded green.

Fall is equally surprising but more enjoyable. Suddenly all those leaves that have been turning one by one catch my notice in a collection of color. Driving to work today along Braddock road was a kaleidoscopic adventure. I didn’t stop to take any shots but lots of other people have been doing so. Below is a lovely shot that dionhinchcliffe got this weekend in Rock Creek. Check below the fold for more.

Photo courtesy of dionhinchcliffe

Beautiful shot of the old stone bridge on Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park on our hike today, courtesy of dionhinchcliffe

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