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Dan Giusti Makes it to Final Round on Chopped

Photo courtesy of christaki
courtesy of christaki

Last night a tweet from Sam Grieder, caught my eye: Dan Giusti, formerly of 1789, was on Food Network’s Chopped. And since it was completely unexpected and I hadn’t heard any buzz about it earlier (no tweets from the chef himself indicating the episode was coming up or anything of the like), I had to turn on the TV and let out a Flava Flav-esque “Yeahhh booyyy” shout.

Back in August, Giusti left DC to head to Denmark to work at the “best restaurant in the world,” Noma. On last night’s episode, Giusti beat out two other chefs but ultimately lost after the final dessert round in which the ingredients basket featured masa harina, chocolate covered peanuts, frozen cranberries and white balsamic vinegar. Yeah, scratch your heads on what to make with that, too. Giusti opted for ice cream while his competitor, Adrienne Grenier, went with a masa harina shortcake. Grenier is the sous chef of 1500 Degrees in Miami.

Giusti joins a growing cast of DC chefs who have been on Food Network’s Chopped, including Andrew Markert, Allison Sosna and Will Artley (whose episode has yet to be aired).

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Teddy for Food Network Star

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I can’t believe we haven’t mentioned this before, but if you didn’t already know it: Teddy Folkman of Granville Moore is a contestant on this season’s Next Food Network Star, which aired its first episode Sunday. He’s made it past elimination one but that’s still 8 more people to compete with.

Anyway, Today’s Express has a nice interview with Teddy and it has an M Night Shyamalan-level twist in the last answer. Shocking!