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Team-up to “Dodge” Diabetes

courtesy of Dodging Diabetes 

On Saturday, March 20th, the 5th Annual Dodging Diabetes Charity Dodgeball Tournament will bring together 500 players and fans for a one-day competition to raise money and awareness for the fight against diabetes.

From 9:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at the Champions Fieldhouse in Rockville, teams will be ducking and diving flying balls to make a difference in our community.

To sign up as a team, click here. Team registration (before March 16) is $350.

Founded by two D.C. area locals in 2005, Dodging Diabetes has netted over $40,000 for the Joslin Diabetes Center through its annual charity dodgeball tournaments. Web site:

The “Average Joe,” too, can make a difference.

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Game around DC

Photo courtesy of
‘DC Meetups – 09-03-22 – Your Move’
courtesy of ‘mosley.brian’

It’s been going on a year since the Metro was festooned with ads for Fallout 3, a post-apocalypse game set in the DC region. Apparently The Conduit doesn’t have the same sort of ad budget since it released a few days ago without any sign of it around our mass transit. But if you want to run around a digital District looking for information about an alien conspiracy and happen to own a Wii perhaps you want to pick this one up.

It’s presumably less depressing than Fallout 3 since everything isn’t a destroyed wasteland. As a bonus, the enemy is named the Drudge. It’s unclear if there’s another group in the game called the Politico that runs around desperately trying to get the Drudge to link to them. I’m hoping that the Drudge wear a silly hat, at least.

If you’ve played the game please chime in and let us know how it is as a representation of DC. You know how much we love to drone on about representations of our fair city.