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Where Should Google Street View Go Next?

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‘Google Maps Car’
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I’m a big fan of Google Street View, and I love checking out parts of the city that I’ve never visited.  DC has been on Street View for about a year now, but there are still some missing links that just aren’t accessible with Google’s camera car. Luckily, they’ve developed a Street View Trike that can now reach previously inaccessible places like pedestrian malls, universities, theme parks, and trails.

Where would you like to see the Street View Trike?  Google is asking for your submissions through October 28th, and then the public will vote for the top locations.  We’ve got a number of strong contenders in the area: the grounds of the White House, the National Mall, Arlington National Cemetery, the Zoo, etc.  So speak up and tell Google what you’d like to see on Street View!

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We Love Arts: Public/Private


The Arlington Arts Center (AAC) is a private, nonprofit contemporary visual arts center dedicated to presenting and supporting new work by regional artists in the mid-Atlantic States. AAC is located in the Virginia Square area of the Clarendon and Wilson Blvd strip between Clarendon and Ballston. Right now, AAC is home to a few different exhibitions, but the one that got me out of the house last Saturday is the Public/Private exhibit I had been hearing so much buzz about.

The AAC web site describes it best: “PUBLIC/PRIVATE puts together two very different types of content in contemporary art: art about the artist’s immediate surroundings, domestic sphere, and personal relationships; and art that exists out in the world, inviting or requiring the public’s physical participation. Featuring Lisa Blas, Chris Barr & Veronique Cote, Mandy Burrow, Ben Kinsley & Robin Hewlett, Anissa Mack, Christian Moeller, Stephanie Robbins, Richard Saxton, Satomi Shirai, and Matthew Sutton”

The exhibit I most wanted to see was an exhibit titled “Street With A View” about a staged Google maps street view street performance. The artists got together and created interesting things during the time when the street view car would be driving down the street in Pittsburgh. I was fascinated to see all the different things they staged for the car. Continue reading

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Google Street View is NOT a Crime

To those who wonder if taking picture of people on public streets without their permission is legal, may I present to you a massive street-level photography effort: Google Street View.

Google is taking continuous photographs of Washington DC streets for their Google Maps application, photographs that are capturing all kinds of people, places and things, perfectly legally.

And its perfectly legal for Andy Carvin to turn the lens around and photograph the Google street view car.

So remember, photography is NOT a crime and to prove it, you should join Metroblogging DC in a declaration of photographic freedom, a Silver Spring Photo Walk on the best day possible: July 4th.

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