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DC is Ridiculously Good Looking

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Move over you sun tanned beauties from Hawaii (2) and California (3) who spend all day working out, surfing and just being hot. Despite the fact that we spend all of our time stuck in cubicles, in underground Metro and Hill tunnels and freezing what little assets we have off in the 15 degree snow, DC IS WHERE IT’S AT. I cannot lie and I do not lie. The Daily Beast is now claiming that, based on their rather crazy and somewhat absurd, albeit somehow slightly practical, calculations, the District of Columbia is the “state” with the most attractive people in the United States.

No longer will we stand for that ridiculous term “Hollywood for the ugly.” No longer will we sit back and take the abuse dished out at us by the 50 states who wish they could be a district instead of a state but who still love their Congressional representation (but actually always hate their Reps. yet always vote them back in, just be happy you have some mmkay?), and there’s even Guam and American Samoa who probably say crap about us too! NO MORE I SAY!

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Keep’in It Cool

Taking a water break, Originally uploaded by philliefan99

With temperatures in the 80s and even 90s for the past few days, I’ve been DYING to jump into a pool, run through a sprinkler, or catapult myself down a slip-n-slide. But no. DC public pools aren’t open until after Memorial Day, and I’m without a lawn/yard for a sprinkler or Crocodile Mile, so I guess I’ll have to settle for misting myself with a spray bottle. What are you doing to keep cool during this April Heat Wave?