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We Love Food: Taqueria Nacional

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‘Taquira Nacional’
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The first step to healing, is admitting you have a problem, right? Well, people, here is my admission: I am addicted to Taqueria Nacional. Its draw to me is more powerful than Potbelly’s was when I used to work near 17th & L (best Potbelly’s location ever) and those of you who know me know that I adore Potbelly’s. I will forgo any lunch I’ve brought to work faster than you can say “Hey Katie, wanna go to Taqui…” I’ll dash out of conference calls, I’ll leave my boss in a lurch, I’ll do pretty much anything for a pork taco from Taqueria Nacional in the middle of the day. So this We Love Food? This one is personal, cause I’m a regular. A regular with an addiction.

Taqueria Nacional opened in 2007 amidst a flurry of rumors (it’s in an alley, it’s only a takeout window, it only has tacos) in the foodie scene. Clearly we did not have Twitter to quickly spread the truth, and it took a while for everyone to get on the same page – but here it is: Taqueria Nacional is tucked away behind Johnny’s the Half Shell, in the corner of the courtyard of the CSPAN building. It hides as a little standing-room-only takeout shop with a line that usually reaches halfway across the courtyard. Ann Cashion and John Fulchino are behind this little taco place, which bodes well for the new Mexican fare at H Street Country Club (Cashion’s new venture), and the standards are high. The tacos are five bites of heaven, the salads are fresh with high quality lettuce, the agua frescas are creative, and my stomach cheers at the thought of the fried yucca. Continue reading

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Cinco de Margarita!

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‘Yummy frozen margarita’
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I don’t drink liquor. Okay, I just lied. I do drink liquor, sometimes, when it’s high quality. But I’ve basically sworn off liquor and become a beer girl, at least 98% if the time. This way, I don’t wind up reliving my glory days of study abroad in Australia, and have horrible stomach pains as a result. Now I’m more mature, or something like that. I’ve always gotten along with tequila (I’m an anomaly, no one can explain it, I’m like a medical miracle) and so my 2% of liquor drinking is usually reserved for times when I can indulge in my very favorite drink: a frozen marg. And with my favorite marg holiday upon us, where will one go to snag my favorite liquor drink? Continue reading