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An entire bookstore is on sale

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It’s a sad thing to see a bookstore close. I walk by the still-empty shells of the Olsson’s locations in Penn Quarter and Dupont Circle and feel a twinge at the long afternoons spent browsing the shelves. And I’m sure someday I’ll sit down at a table in the new Clydes at 14th and F streets and think, “Hey, weren’t these walls covered with books once?” But hey, in the ever-chugging slog of commercial progress, life goes on. And Borders will close. C’est la vie.

As a parting gift to DC book lovers, the store began liquidating its inventory today, marking most books and CDs down 20 percent. That discount puts the store’s pricing now in line with online retailers like Amazon, which, let’s be frank, is why Borders has had such a tough time lately anyway. For a few brief shining days, though, there are deals to be had. Stock up for the beach or the holidays, or maybe finally grab that copy of “Gatsby” you always meant to read.

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DC No. 2 On 2009 List Of Most-Literate Cities

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A survey conducted by Central Connecticut State University was released, ranking DC No. 2 among the 75 most-literate major cities in the country.

This serves as the good news to last weeks “bad news” ranking DC 36th on the “happiness scale”. Our state of happiness is up for debate but at least we can read!

What was the goal of the CCSU survey? The attempt to, “[…} capture one critical index of our nation’s well-being — the literacy of its major cities,”  study author & CCSU President Jack Miller, said in a news release. “The information is compared against population rates in each city to develop a per capita profile of the city’s ‘long-term literacy’ — a set of factors measuring the ways people use their literacy — and thus presents a large-scale portrait of our nation’s cultural vitality.”

Other cities making the top 10 include: Seattle, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Portland, St. Paul, Boston, Cincinnati, and Denver.