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Top Chef Contestant Blais Brings Burgers to Chinatown

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‘The Juicy Loosey’
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You guys, we must be getting sexier, ’cause Top Chef has been drawn to us as of late. The crush is festering, and we’ve just moved from the couch to the bedroom. Not only do we get served by Carla Hall, Spike, Bryan Voltaggio, and Mike Isabella but Richard Blais recently announced that he is bringing his Flip Burger concept to DC.

Atlanta is the home base for Flip Burger and Blais is reportedly looking around Chinatown for his third location (We’re second to Birmingham, odd, right?). For my love of Richard Blais subtle sarcastic sense of humor I’m going to politely refrain from whining about how all celebrity chefs like to bring us steak and burgers. Cause they do. Steak or burgers. Red meat. Woo! Ugh.

(Oh, whoops.)

Anywho, Blais says that Flip is all about burgers + molecular gastronomy, and who doesn’t love a little liquid nitrogen mixed with their food? I say? Bring it.