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Zimmerman passed over for Golden Glove

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Ryan Zimmerman is a joy to watch at 3rd base.  He’s the sort of guy that old school radio announcers loved to call games around.  “Zimmerman at Third like a Razor’s Edge!”  “Zimmerman makes the play, leaping on that ball like a mongoose!”  He’s a phenomenal athlete, and the core of the Nationals’ young franchise.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t repeat his Golden Glove performance of 2009.

This year’s Golden Glove goes to Scott Rolen of the Reds, who had 9 fewer errors in 6 more chances at third base, as well as five more double plays than Zimmerman.  While Zim had a great year for the Nationals, and was largely the team’s MVP, it’s hard to ignore the statistics.  Sorry Zim, you’ll get it in 2011.

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Ryan Zimmerman Plays The Jazz Kazoo

Ryan Zimmerman (aka Zimmersapien) loves baseball. He apparently also loves kazoos, berets and jazz.

The Zimm also spends his weekends dancing with Caps coach Bruce Boudreau. No word on if Zimmerman will be teaming up with Ron Burgundy and his “yazz” flute.

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What Bryce Harper Means For The Nats Fanbase

Young Fan
Photo by Rachel Levitin

The Washington Post’s Thomas Boswell raised a pretty good point this morning. “Baseball fans can win two ways,” he wrote. “Their team can be great. Or a player can be so sublime that his performance, year after year, almost every day for six months at a time, gives so much accumulated pleasure that his individual art actually rivals victory.”

Bryce Harper signing with the Washington Nationals is just one of a few ways Nationals fans will find victory while cheering for a team who has yet to contend in post-season play.

“Just five years after getting a team back after a 33-year absence, Washington fans are getting a reward that, while perhaps not as cherished as a World Series, ranks enormously high,” Boswell wrote.

What’s the reward? A team that went from hopeless, having lost over 200 games in two seasons, to a team full of hope. Continue reading

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Ryan Zimmerman’s “A Night at the Park”

Pictured: Ryan Zimmerman and his mother Cheryl / Chris Kennedy Images

Cheryl and Keith Zimmerman pride themselves on being family grounded people. Their biggest goal with their two sons, Ryan and Shawn, was to pass the value of family on to them. Monday night at Nationals Park, they watched with a glimmer in their eye as their oldest son Ryan of the Washington Nationals did his parents proud by sharing the value of family with over 700 people including his teammates, fans, and fellow District residents.

Ryan Zimmerman’s “A Night at the Park” was the first event held by his family’s ziMS Foundation in Washington, D.C. The foundation raises money to benefit multiple sclerosis research in honor of Ryan’s mother Cheryl who was diagnosed with the disease in 1995. As Ryan got a little bit older, he realized that if he ever had a chance to do something to give back, not just to his family but for everyone else who goes through daily life with MS in their own family whether it’s a parent, brother, or sister, he would do it.

“Obviously when I got to play baseball at this level I had the platform to kind of run with it and do something with it and I’ve had a lot of help along the way,” Ryan said. “It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to give back to people who have helped me get where I’m at now and this was the perfect reason to do it.” Continue reading

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Ryan Zimmerman’s “A Night at the Park” in Photos

Pictured: The Zimmerman family (Ryan , Cheryl, Keith, and Shawn).

Nationals Park played host to Ryan Zimmerman’s “A Night at the Park” on Monday to raise money for the the ziMS Foundation. The ziMS Foundation, which was started by  Zimmerman to benefit multiple sclerosis research, was inspried by his mother Cheryl who was diagnosed with the disease in 1995. The entire Zimmerman family including Ryan’s mother, his father Keith, and brother Shawn were in attendance for a night of live music from Mutlu and Amos Lee, magic from David Blaine, and both live and silent auctions.

Click here for the full story.

For now, here’s the night in pictures: Continue reading

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NatsFest 2010: If You Build It, They Will Come


Imagine a quiet Sunday morning. The city is silent from the few inches of snow that stuck to the ground yesterday. Most everyone’s either still asleep or in the comfort of their own homes trying to keep warm. It’s the last day of the first month of 2010. So, you choose to lounge around. Huge mistake. Why? You’re missing out on the most pristine, once in a lifetime moment baseball fans in DC have had since the game’s big move back to town.

NatsFest 2010 was — in a word — awesome. Although it’s easy to doubt their dedication during the season, fans turned out in the hundreds (and early!) for a fun-filled fan fest hosted by their favorite men in red. Nationals fans of all-ages wrapped themselves around the park entrance for close to an hour before the 11 a.m. start time of NatsFest. Their devotion was somewhat shocking considering their team’s losing for the past five years, but let us all  remember that the Nationals are still teenagers by baseball standards. They’re new. They’re in their awkward, “growing-up” phase. Can you really blame them for trying to find out who they are among all of the other big kids playing the game?

Continue reading

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“DJ Zimm” To Host DeAngelo Hall’s Birthday Party? Yeah, That’s Happening.

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Attention all DC sports fans — Ryan Zimmerman is officially the coolest Washington National. Why? He’s hosting/MC-ing Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall’s birthday party at the Shadowroom.

How did this pairing come about? No one’s sure at this point. What we do know is that it’s happening.

An anonymous source for the National Enquirer said Zimmerman might be “doing magic tricks and making balloon animals for the kids,” but really … who in the heck made the final decision in naming the Golden Glover/Silver Slugger/All-Star the host of a party?

I mean, COME ON folks! We’ve all seen his interviews. Can he play ball? Yes siree. But can he host a party? I guess we’ll find that answer sooner than we thought.

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Gold Glove goes to Zimmerman

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As was widely rumored this morning, Nationals’ 3B Ryan Zimmerman was officially revealed as this year’s National League Gold Glove winner at Third Base. Zim lead the NL at his position in defensive chances, assists and games started, and his play was pretty spectacular on the defensive side.

Zimmerman is just the second DC player to receive the honor, and the first in 49 years, since Senators catcher Earl Buttey won it in 1960. Way to go, Zim! Here’s hoping it’s the first of many.

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The Zimmermen

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Congratulations to the Nationals for locking up Ryan Zimmerman for 5 years at $45M. Zim’s been the face of the club since he was brought up almost immediately after being drafted in 2006, and it’s nice to see him get the contract that he deserves.

Tonight will mark the first MLB start for Jordan Zimmermann, who will be filling the fifth starter slot for the Nationals. Frankly, he couldn’t be much worse than anyone else who’s started for the Nats this season, as their 1-10 record indicates. He was part of a big shuffle of personnel yesterday that sent 40% of the Nats bullpen down to AAA after blowing leads in three straight games against the Marlins this weekend. It looks dicey for the Nats, but we’ll see.