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No Chompie for Shark Week

Photo courtesy of
‘Happy Shark Week 2010!’
courtesy of ‘Dan Dan The Binary Man’

This aggression will not stand, Discovery Channel.  Sure, your fancy building Silver Spring employs hundreds, if not thousands, but until you reinstate the lovable inflatable Chompie the Shark, I’m not sure I can go along with your Shark Week Shenanigans.

I remember when you used to mean something, Discovery, I remember when Shark Week was all about sharks eating things, be they people, boats, or other fish-like creatures, and I remember that it was all about a giant inflatable shark that you would decorate your building with.

Now it’s about Andy Samberg? And a sharkless building?  To quote the Internet, “What, sir, is this fuckery?”

Comedy in DC

More art Congressional Republicans should censor while they’re at it

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‘The Darwin Sisters, Censored’
courtesy of ‘Kevin H.’

No doubt you’ve heard by now that some Congressional Republicans have been making a fuss over a Portrait Gallery exhibition that deals with gay and lesbian identity in the arts. One installation has been removed already, and no word yet if additional works will be taken down from the exhibit.

I know that our good and patriotic elected representatives, having solved all other problems facing the United States in these times of global strife and economic upheaval, will be anxious to root out any other lurking homosexual undertones in our publicly-funded art while using our plentiful surplus tax dollars to promote good old-fashioned American values, like censorship, for example.  So allow me to make a few suggestions about dirty, offensive works of public art that should have their funding examined right away. Continue reading