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Biggest Snowstorm Since 1779…WHAT?!?

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At times like these, you keep your Senior Meteorologist at the National Weather Service on speed-dial. And for good reason. Logan Johnson brings us this very interesting tidbit:

“…3 feet of snow in the district is a possibility. And the only storm ever to thought to have dropped that much snow in DC was back in 1779 in the Washington and Jefferson Storm.”

WHAT!?! Most snowfall in over 230 years in the District? So pretty much this has a very real chance of being the biggest snowstorm in DC….EVER. If you are interested in snow history, check this page out with all of the details.

The official forecast from the NWS office in Sterling is as follows (after the jump):

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The Hills

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We worked damn hard during the last snowpocalypse to make sure that you were well informed as to the snow related goings on in the DC area.  In fact, I’d say we covered the bases pretty well.  You know what that means for this time around? Recycled content!!

One of our readers, Shaun from Arlington, asked us about sledding hills in the DC area.  Fortunately, Cathy came up with a pretty sweet list in December.  For your information, here it is again:

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