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Lost Crapped Up iPod

Crapped Up IPod IMGP2336_1

Did you recently lose a hot pink iPod while getting on or off the bus? If so, I am pretty sure I found your little darling, still there in the street, waiting approximately where you left it. The only problem is that it must have been run over a few hundred times before I found it. It sure does look like it’s been run hard and put up wet.

I can’t tell if it still plays because the LCD and all the ports are smashed and unusable, but if you had a nice mix of Television, Gram Parsons, Elvis Costello and The New York Dolls, like on the CD I found, I am sorry for your loss. If it was anything like whatever it is that kids blast out their car stereos nowadays, I think it’s all for the best.

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Daytrip: Luray Caverns, Skyline Drive and Dinner in Front Royal


Carl, screwing up a potentially nice picture
at Luray Caverns

Luray Caverns is a great little place to go and only about two hours away from DC. Here is how I recommend scheduling your time. You can drive to Luray, VA in about two hours if you go on I-66 to I-81. Tack on an extra hour if you opt to take the very beautiful Skyline Drive between Front Royal and Route 211, which will take you right into Luray. There is a $15 fee to take the Skyline Drive but it is worth every penny. Just do it.

The caverns themselves are beautiful, filled with stalactites, stalagmites, rocks and other things that are underground. The young woman behind us in line was scared of encountering bats but this is a squeaky-clean cavern, complete with lights, a paved walkway and tour guides who talk about the various things I would know more about, had I paid attention in my geology class. No bugs, from what I could tell, and thus no bats.
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