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Squid, Shrimp and Veg, Oh Mai!

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Monday night, I headed over to Jaleo in Crystal City for the kick-off of Jaleo’s annual Paella Festival. While Jose Andres and company were spotted at the Dupont Farmer’s Market last weekend cookin’ up a big old pot of the stuff, Monday marked the first day of the official festival. This year, Jose’s cooking buddy, Chef Quim Marques of El Suquet de L’Almirall, Barcelona, Spain, joins him to help Jose whip up tasty rice creations. So this year’s festival features paellas based on Marques’ recipes.

So how was it? There were some I loved, and some I wouldn’t care to try again. I’ll tell you what’s what. Continue reading

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Bittman & Andres Online Live at Noon

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One of DC’s superstars of food, Chef José Andrés, will be along side one of the world’s most awesome food writers, Mark Bittman, at the Center for American Progress at noon today (just in time to make you hungry!) talking about nutrition, and food. I love both of these guys, and this couldn’t be a topic nearer or dearer to my heart, so I’m pleased to see people talking about this in a national and public forum.

We’ve got their stream embedded below, so check back in with us at noon or so, and you can watch the appearance. Bittman’s How to Cook Everything is probably one of the most awesome cookbooks of all time, so if you’ve got tickets to today’s little shindig at CfAP gig, you are officially totally on my “Jealous-Of” list.

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