Is Dupont Wireless?

So I am a little late, but I’m testing out the much hyped Dupont Wireless today and I’m not impressed. Not impressed because I am here in the horribly titled Biddy Mulligans, the Irish Bar in the Jury’s Hotel and Dupont Wireless is barely to be found. It pops up here and there, but not really here, or not enough to be useable.

That you can’t use it just outside the Dupont Circle of Life, and I am against the window that looks out on the Circle, does not impress. I might have better luck in the Circle, but first off, I can’t drink there, or at least not legally. In addition, the transmitter is supposedly on the roof of the hotel. That you can’t get wireless in the hotel that hosts the transmitter makes me shake my head in annoyance.

I picked this bar for the sole reason that I thought I could drink and surf. That I can’t do the latter and the former is no smoke free DC double disappoints. I guess Dupont is not wireless after all.

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