Ode to Fox & Hounds

Ah days like today are perfect for my favorite patio party time spot in DC, Fox & Hounds. There you can recline on a nice patio in surprisingly comfortable plastic chairs. A patio that thankfully for my tropical blood, faces West and captures the last warmth of the summer sun. Then the staff is joe-cool. With servers like Patrick to pour you one, you know you’ll be taken care of. Add to it the always-hot hostess manning the gate, and its getting good.

Now the best part – the cheap booze.

Fox and Hounds is the only place in DC that understands the way to pour a drink. They give you a full glass of vodka, not a wimp-ass shot, and they serve the tonic on the side, so you can mix at your leisure. Yes, the first few sips put hair on your chest, but damn, the ABV/USD (alcohol to dollar) ratio cannot be beat, as rail is $3 and call is $4.

Yep, only at Fox and Hounds can you bask in the setting sun while getting obliterated on cheap booze – what I’m doing right now. I just dare you to drink long enough to tell time by Fox and Hounds.

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