Arlingtonians Pumping a Handcart to Hell

Murky Coffee (Arlington, not the former one in DC) was rather packed today, full of people who should have been in church for some salvation, rather than at Murky for a double breve half-skimaccino. I swear, folks – do you like the crackle of hell fire? Do you relish being enveloped by the stench of brimstone?

Here’s what you do, folks. Next year, come Easter, go to church instead of the coffee place. Leave the coffee for those of us heathens who are likely condemned anyway. Save yourself! I will gladly take your place in line, saving you from damnation, and as a reward for my selfless act, I will also obtain entrance into heaven. Everyone wins, and for once it will not be so darned crowded at Murky.

Photo: Fire of Hell Originally uploaded by muneeb_sami

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