Take Your Dog To Work Day

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‘is this too much cute too early in the morning?’
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Bo Obama is often seen galavanting around the White House grounds and making his way in the Oval Office. Bo is certainly setting a good example for pups everywhere, as many area dogs gear up for the offical Take Your Dog To Work Day on June 26.

So lobby your boss for a day of slobber, fur and lovin’. If you don’t have any crazy allergic people in your office, I think this would be such a fun summertime work activity. Also, in celebration of the day, after your pooch has done his proper filing, and sucked-up to all the right people, you two can head on over to Art and Soul’s special patio puppy happy hour.  Your doggie can get all kinds of delicious gourmet chef-made treats and you can throw back some local brews well-earned after a day’s hard work.

Just remember, dogs aren’t allowed on the Metro or on the buses, so if you’re bringing your adorable furry friend to work, you’ll have to do an alternative commute. Maybe a puppy carpool, or something.

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One thought on “Take Your Dog To Work Day

  1. Correction: dogs are allowed on metro as long as they are inside of a closed carrier. Pretty much limits you to the little carry-able ones, but it’s something. I called Metro about a year ago about this and they confirmed- inside a carrier and service dogs are good to go.