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A We Love DC Interview: Worn Magazine

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Some may say DC lacks a fashion presence.  However, with the onslaught of successful, local style blogs and publications in combination with the migration of young creative-types into the city – Washington is finally getting the makeover it has been desperately pleading for.

Helping our city make its mark is the new Worn Magazine.  The DC-born publication “is intended to bring greater awareness of local fashion and art to the District and to the nation”, combining the power of photography and creativity to “make DC a more art – and style-conscious city that is more accepting of various forms of personal expression”.

I had the unique opportunity to chat with Nicole Aguirre, Editor & Creative Director, about the magazine, fashion, and of course, DC.

We Love DC: What is Worn?

Nicole Aguirre:Worn Magazine” is a new print publication that uses photography to showcase DC’s art and fashion scene and encourage it to grow.

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Fashionable DC: Luxury Items For Less

Robert R.

Robert Rodriguez fur and cashmere stole on sale for $42.50. Photo credit: Kelly Collis Fredrick

I started a mental list of luxury items that will, at least in theory, forever be staples in my closet – Chanel quilted purse, couture leather jacket, Hermes scarf, vintage fur stole, perfect pair black Manolo’s heels – just to name a few. Being an avid shopper, the treasure hunt to find these items at a deep discount is part of the fun. We are lucky in DC to have a plethora of consignment stores and I visited several to see if I could find the luxury items I was looking for… though I’m still saving for these items so I left my credit cards at home.

All the consignment stores I visited carried J. Crew, Banana Republic, Nanette Lepore, Tory Burch, etc. – which is great for staples, but I was looking for the “Fifth Avenue” brands. After several stops, it came down to these three consignment shops that had the best selection of luxury items. Continue reading

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Fashionable DC: Treat Boutique


Jen Donohue of Treat Boutique. Photo credit: Lawrence Luk

One of my favorite pastimes is visiting independent boutiques in the DC area and talking to the owner. I am fascinated by their motivation to take a risk in retail. When Treat in Old Town Alexandria opened in 2007 and was described as a sample sale boutique, I made a special trip to check out this unique shop. I was greeted by a warm, friendly smile from the store’s owner, Jen Donohue.

I am fortunate to have spent time with Jen through the years and I am inspired by her entrepreneurial spirit, fabulous sense of style combined with hard work that has made Treat one of the best boutiques in the DC area.

Jen is a copyright attorney at a large law firm in downtown DC and my type of girl as both a lover of fashion and great bargains. She first got the idea to open Treat in 2005 when she was visiting New York City and waiting in line at a sample sale. The pure madness of the lines with their pushing and shoving was not her favorite thing but a great deal on designer labels was – she came home with a coveted pair of Manolo heels. Continue reading

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Fashionable DC: Stylish and Warm

Photo courtesy of Kelly Collis Fredrick

Winter has arrived in D.C. and if you have lived in Washington for a while you know we are not real pros at surviving the cold and not to mention dealing with snow! I find it is more of challenge to stay stylish during the winter months.

Here are a few items that will keep you warm and looking stylish this winter.  So ditch those Uggs!

Hats and Scarfs

Anthropologie in Georgetown has a great selection of knit hats in a variety of colors and styles that range from $38-$42, they are loose fitting so it will not mess up your hair completely.  And on the flip side if you are having a bad hair day, they are super cute and you can wear them all day.

Another great item is a spin on a classic  – a ruffled scarf.  Anthropologie sells them a bunch of different colors for $98 and I have also spotted some at Bloomingdale’s in Chevy Chase for a lot less at around $40. Continue reading

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Fashionable DC: MidCity

Photo courtesy of Kelly Collis Fredrick

I recently attended two events held in what I knew as the 14th and U Streets corridor – the Dog Days of Summer in August and about a month later, Fashion’s Night Out. The vibe of these events, the display of unique items from both clothing and home décor boutiques, made these memorable shopping excursions.

Who was organizing these popular events? I traced it back to the MidCity Business Association (BA). MidCity BA represents businesses on the commercial corridors that stretch down 14th Street from Florida Avenue to Thomas Circle and along U from 9th to 17th as well as several side streets way beyond the 14th and U district. Many don’t know that MidCity is actually a historical term for this collection of neighborhoods dating decades back.

Over the past few weeks, I spent time with a few of the boutique owners, as well as Natalie Avery from the MidCity BA, to better understand the neighborhood and community (and was able to sneak in some shopping too!).  As a life long Washingtonian, it was a great experience to learn about the rich history of this neighborhood and the strong sense of community that still exists there today.

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