Fear and Loathing in DC

That’s right, New York has it’s 50 Most Loathsome, but somehow in DC, we can only come up with 28 Loathsome people. Dude. 28. I can find 28 Loathsome people, and that’s just in one quarter mile of one lane of Beltway traffic during rush hour!

It’s no surprise that snark is the order of the day in this town, given all the political canoodling, protesting, and amazing bitterness that resides here as part of the “ambience” of the city. Here are some folks that ought to have been on that list:

James Carville – Have you ever seen this guy? Have you ever heard him speak? Brilliant, but oh so very loathsome.

Mary Matalin – Hey, they are the most loathsome couple in politics? Who’s the dom and who’s the sub? It’s not even fun to guess.

Abe Pollin – Dude, the guy chased Michael Jordan out of town. That’s pretty loathsome.

The Family Research Council – I feel dirty just writing that.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas – Just ask to see his Long Dong Silver Collection…

Senator Ted Stevens – The guy wants to regulate HBO. Fuck him AND his high horse.

oh, and last but not least…

DCist Art Critic JT Kirkland who seems to think DCist gets about 10 times as much traffic as it actually does.

Damn that snark!

Update: Just a quick update for JT’s benefit, I don’t think you’re the most loathsome person in DC, that honor clearly befits the driver of the Tour Bus who parked his ass on 14th street during rush hour the other day. HE is clearly the most loathsome mofo in DC. You, however, are just loathsome. Oh, and JT, the least you could do is spell my name right. Of course, you are loathsome, I don’t expect much more from you.

Update 2: JT and I are cool now (spelling my name right would be a plus, btw). I no longer find him as loathsome as Stevens, Thomas and Carville. I’m also cool with all of DCist. Jake, however, I am not cool with. So let’s add Jake as an honorary DCasshat instead. Claiming the moral high ground when in fact you possess no ground at all is craptacular, Jake. Don’t treat us as a pity case. We’re your peers, like it or not.

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