Local Boys Done Good

It appears neither the Orioles nor the Nationals have gotten the memo that they’re not supposed to be any good this season. The Nationals finished a three game sweep of the Diamondbacks, beating them 7-3, taking them to 8-4 for the season, a game and a half ahead in the NL East. The Orioles completed a three game sweep of the New York Yankees today, causing George Steinbrenner to have a small nervous meltdown and not a small case of buyer’s remorse after the game. He said “Enough is enough.” What, George, can’t stomach getting stomped by a small market team, three games running and five out of six?

Next up for the Orioles is a series with the Detroit Tigers (5-7) at Camden Yards. For the Nats it’s the Marlins (6-6), with Tomo Ohka starting against Dontrelle Willis at RFK. Tickets are available for both games.

One other thing…

The Nats announced their new mascot “Screech” the Eagle. Pictures are forthcoming, but any semblance of similarity to Dustin Diamond is likely superficial.

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