Frolic like you got no sense.

Tonight’s Nationals/Braves was possibly some of the finest baseball (Guzman’s error at shortstop in the 8th notwithstanding) that I’ve seen lately. This team plays with heart, it plays with precision (well, sometimes) and it plays with soul. The third base bouncers were out in force tonight, even after all the Braves fans left feeling triumphant in the middle of the 8th inning (somehow spiriting JennB away with them, perhaps?), but there’s some stuff here we can’t leave unsaid:

  • The Real Men of Genius guys from the Bud Light ad campaign were at the game tonight and in the middle of the 6th, they did a “Real Men of Genius” tribute to the Nationals Fans. However, because of the crazy audio system, we weren’t able to make out the words, but man, I’m sure it was hilarious
  • What is with dudes in the pink Nats hats? I mean, I know we’ve got the second largest gay population, but I’m not sure they’re hot on baseball. Is this some sort of odd irony statement? I got nothing, but I’m pretty sure I frown on pink baseball hats to begin with.
  • Asking me to pay $4 for a hotdog and then insulting my intelligence by calling it a “Super Dog” is pretty galling. Please, rethink the naming. Just call it a hot dog, that’s all it is. And I can get them out front of the stadium for a buck twenty-five. Twenty-five cents more and I at least get a half-smoke. C’mon concessions.
  • What is up with having 120123412349492929 beer vendors on the 400/500 level, but only 1 nacho stand? Show me some love for the nachos, please!

The Nats take three from the Braves. Amazing. Hey Atlanta, you may have beaten us in traffic this past month, but we just totally 0wned your baseball team!

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