Oysters on Q

After spending almost the entire week in bed due to bronchitis, at about 5pm yesterday I was stir-crazy. I called my husband and convinced him to meet me for dinner at a halfway point between our house and his office. We decided on Hank’s Oyster Bar at Q & 17th in the old Trio’s Pizza spot, open for a few weeks and on our list to try.

Being a transplanted New Englander I’m a serious oyster freak, and the idea of an oyster bar within six blocks of my house is enough to get me crawling out of the sickbed, even in a No R month. There’s a very “neighborhood joint” feel about Hank’s and it reminded me of some favorite places in New Orleans, with a convivial and unpretentious atmosphere. It’s very light and airy, with a tin ceiling, quiet decor, and pleasant waitstaff. We had a great dozen oysters – especially creamy ones from Washington State. Chris had a yummy-looking oyster po’boy with fries and I had the special, soft shell crabs on a bed of watercress. They were perfectly pan-fried with a little bit of lemon, very delicately done.

After our meal we ordered a second round of drinks and were left alone to enjoy them – no obnoxious check-ups or premature presentation of the bill which often mars our dining out in DC. This made a great first impression – it really gets to both of us when a wonderful dinner ends abruptly, the assumption being that you must really want to get out as soon as possible and get on with your oh-so-busy-and-important life. Isn’t savoring the meal and the moment part of the reason you go out to eat?

Possibly the best part – when the bill does arrive it comes with chunks of chocolate!

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