Torture-Free DC

Just so you know, DC is on its way to being a “torture free zone“, as part of a campaign by Council Members Ambrose (Ward 6) and Patterson (Ward 3):

The resolution says the threat or use of torture is a violation of several international treaties, the U.S. Constitution and “our commitment to the rule of law as a protector of the integrity and dignity of the human person.”

Right. DC is going to add its significant legislative clout to the anti-torture laws already on the books as part of the Constitution, Geneva Convention, and US Federal Law.

Between the smoking ban and this, I have to wonder…

Is the City Council out of things to do? I mean, it seems like the Council could be advocating for DC Statehood, or maybe working on those absolutely atrocious test scores in the schools, or the poverty problem that is rampant in DC.

But no, instead of dealing with local issues, they’re declaring DC a torture free zone.

Perhaps they should tell that to Redskins Management.

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