The Headset Industry and Washington

Sure, collusion’s the “in” thing these days, and “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours,” should be the credo of this town rather than the fairly inaccurate Justitia Omnibus. And so it should come as no surprise that last year’s “Hands Free” legislation proves to benefit no one in this city, except for the retailers of cellphone accessories. In the District, if you want to talk on your cellphone while driving (and given the number of people who are surgical attached to their phones, this is everyone with such a device), you have to wear a headset, or you face a $50 ticket.

Of course, now it comes out hands free driving is no safer than just talking to your shoulder while trying to steer two handed.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am simply shocked. Apparently the root cause of such accidents is talking on your cellphone while trying to merge through four lanes of Beltway traffic at 50mph and not just the holding of said phone to one’s ear. This news will likely not spur the City Council into repealing the ban on handsets-while-driving, nor will it likely encourage them to do something to actually help prevent accidents (like banning them altogether while driving).

Ahhhhh DC.

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