Alexandria Bank Robbed By Village People


Today, this man (at right) robbed a branch of the Bank of America in Alexandria, VA:

Police said the robber approached a teller at the Bank of America, located at 600 N. Washington St., implied that he had a weapon and demanded money. The teller gave the man an undisclosed amount of cash and the robber fled.

What kind of desperate person do you have to be to rob a bank within easy striking distance of the FBI? I mean, it’s not like their giant hideous headquarters isn’t close by.

Village People

That’s right folks, the village people are robbing banks in DC. A brief comparison, if you will. Please examine the picture at right. Then, please examine the picture at left. Shall we expect the Indian Chief to be robbing a Chevy Chase? The Motorcycle guy to be knocking over a PNC? I mean, this is just silly. Why wear a hard-hat to a bank-robbery? I mean, do you really want to be known as the village people bank robber? Because I can totally see that catching on in these parts.

What is it about people that makes them do stupid things in the capital? Van man. Tractor man. Frank Robinson. Dan Snyder. These people have all done monumentally stupid things in this town (threatening to blow up the treasury, threatening to blow up a pond, playing Wil Cordero, firing everyone immediately after one bad season), so I suppose you’re in decently hilarious company, but c’mon man, the Village People are way out of style.

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