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As news continues to come in from New Orleans and surrounds, and things continue to get worse, a story from one of our writers in New Orleans, now safe in Memphis:

At this point it’s pretty clear that nothing will be left when, and if, we return. Right now water is probably up to the roof of our Mid-City house, which I bought last year. Knowing this, the questions in my head are about the future of my job, where I will stay if I choose to return, and of course, how long it will be before any sense of normalcy returns to my life. It will probably be years. I’m seriously considering the option of giving it all up and starting anew somewhere else. Given the heartache that’s going to follow, and the reality that a repeat of this event could happen someday, it’s something worth thinking about.

WWL is reporting that residents of Jefferson Parish may not be allowed back in for over a month:

Residents will probably be allowed back in town in a week, with identification only, but only to get essentials and clothing. You will then be asked to leave and not come back for one month.

Can you imagine Fairfax County blocked off for over a month?

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