No Cards In The Clubhouse?!

Chris Needham over at Capitol Punishment has this to say over Grandpa Frank’s latest temper tantrum:

“What’s Next? Demon Rum?”

Frank Robinson finally figured out what was causing the National’s 2-month malaise. No, it’s not the stinklicious shortstop. It’s not the hobbling third baseman with the balsa bat. It’s not the team’s un-clutch hitting, nor the five-alarm fire that comes after a Tony Armas or Ryan Drese outing.

It’s the music. And the cards.

Gosh darn it, these boys aren’t serious about the game with their hippity hoppity music, and their cuthroat games of pinochle.”

Well, whatever the case, the Nats are on a three game streak, and rapidly looking like a team that could pull it out of the toilet before the end of the season. With a bunch of roster moves, they’ve bulked up with minor league talent including Ryan Zimmerman and Rick Short, and making his first major league start tonight is Darrell Rasner, who spent most of the season at AA Harrisburg. Go Nats!

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