Can You Say Gouging?

Let’s see what today’s word of the day is. Ah! It’s Gouging!

Gouge! Yeah, that’s right oil companies, we’re looking right in your direction. Gas prices in DC are now at $3.38 and not moving anywhere. After watching gas prices hike themselves up a good fifty cents last week, now we’ve seen some adjustments over the last few days, but we’re still above every other metropolitan, with the exception of New York City. Folks, this is just getting ri-goddamn-diculous.

Picture 3

Of course, if we’d done anything to increase our refining capacity since, oh, I dunno, before I born, perhaps this wouldn’t have become quite the fiasco that it’s turned into, but since we’re so short on refining capacity, losing even one refinery will cause gas supplies to dry up and spike the prices through the roof. Of course, most likely, the oil companies just don’t give a shit, and so the prices go up and more people think about mass transit and hybrid cars and even Wayan’s broke-ass bicycle. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the informal definition, per the Apple Dictionary that’s in OS X Tiger:

Picture 4

Thanks oil companies!

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