Funky Signs

This evening, on the way home from that godawful “effort” the Nats put forth against the Marlins, we came home a different way than usual. Driving along L St., we came to the intersection at 14th, where we wanted to turn right to go back down to 395 and home to Virginia (I know, I know, we’re suburban dwelling cretins with no city driving experience, if you want to toe that line, toe it elsewhere.), however, there’s a sign there that reads “No Right Turn 9pm-5am.”

We saw the same sign at 14th and K (we turned right anyway), and were similarly bewildered. During rush hour, I might be willing to let these signs slide as the product of a civil engineering board, designed to make traffic flow more smoothly, but I can’t come up with a pressing reason that a right turn, in a business district largely unpopulated after dark, would be hazardous to traffic. Can someone explain this to me?

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