DC Schools Blames Apache for Windows

I’ll ask you to bear with me for a second, by employment, I’m a technologist. That’s why, when I read stuff like this piece on the DC Schools CIO, I get really angry about government. The basics:

The DC Schools got a new system call DC STARS over the summer. It’s not working. At all. What’s more galling:

“In my experience, the combination of an Oracle database, Windows operating system, Unix hardware and an Apache webserver is a bad combination,” Barlow wrote in the memo to Thomas M. Brady, the school system’s chief business operations officer.

I’m sorry, CIO Barlow, Unix isn’t hardware. It’s SOFTWARE. It’s the most solid operating system in the world. You’re a Chief Information Officer, this is stuff you should know. Besides, what happened to the testing phase of the software development? Why didn’t you, as CIO, you know, TEST this heavily? And besides, this is clearly just “cover your ass” maneuvering by someone who deserves to be fired. But, apparently, this being Washington, we just don’t do that anymore.


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