Our Mayor Sez…

Some choice quotes from Mayor Williams’ Blog:

Sept 12: “My faith is rewarded. There is a merciful God. I sat in for my monthly Ask the Mayor with WTOP and my friend Mark Plotkin was on vacation. Think of the kind of serene bliss they project on the Corona commercials and you know the feeling.”

Man, I know Plotkin asks hard questions, Mr. Mayor, but man, that’s pretty hardcore.

Sept 10: “I support additional capital funding for the schools recognizing that the remaining need, even after implementation of public-private partnerships and collocation with charters, will still be in excess of existing increases.

The question is how? Taking the dollars from the lottery to fund the increase isn’t the way to do it. Hello? This is the creative accounting that got Cleveland, Philadelphia, New York, California, and yes, the District in the mess we faced, bottoming out in 1995.”

Lottery funds, bad, charter schools, good. Okay, Tony…but how do we pay for it? Hey, aren’t you the mayor? Shouldn’t you tell us?

Sept 7: “Speaking of books, I’m thumbing through the book reviews and I’ve come upon a book I really want to read – Is Bill Cosby Right?: Or Has the Black Middle Class Lost its Mind? by Michael Eric Dyson. I’m assigning this to fellow bloggers and we’ll have a discussion of it.

Okay, deal. DC Bloggers, this is your chance to be part of Tony Williams’ Book Club. You can pick it up at Barnes and Noble or Amazon, or any other retailer in the greater DC area. We’ll read it together, Tony, sound good?

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