Dear Papa Johns

So, when it comes to pizza, I’m a little screwed in terms of delivery area. Listrani’s? North Arlington and DC only. Atlantis? Pick up only. Vace? Pick up only. So, I’m forced to go to my old stand by, Papa John’s. With a great online ordering tool, I don’t even have to call, I just pop online and go. So tonight, laid up with back spasms, and with nothing in the house for preparation, I fired up Safari and headed for the online pizza delivery site.

It’s now almost an hour and a half later.

I received my confirmation at 7:15 tonight, and here I sit at quarter to nine, hungry and angry. Papa John’s help line has been of no use, first hanging up on me, then putting me on hold for well over 10 minutes. All I wanted was pizza, all I’ve gotten is aggravation. Thanks a lot. So much for a good standby.

Also, having your specials as part of the hold message? Less than helpful. Especially to someone whose pizza is later than hell.

[Update] Without further explanation, I received a return call that said they couldn’t contact the store and that my pizza wasn’t coming. Thanks Papa Johns, for 90 minutes of waiting, and no pizza.

[Update 2] Email arrives reading, in part:

Dear Valued Papa John’s Online Customer,

We have been trying to contact you via phone regarding your recent Online Order, however, we have been unable to reach you.

Unfortunately, we will be unable to process your order at this time. Please feel free to contact your local restaurant or call our Customer Service hotline

Thanks for making it look like my fault, assholes.

[Update 3] Pizza arrived. Barely warm. At 9:20. You’re fired, Papa Johns.

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