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Politics being what it is these days, I’m not at all surprised to see wingnuts from both sides trading bizarro accusations including the one that DCist blogged this morning: that the protestors last weekend were exposed, on purpose, to Tularemia bacteria and that it was done either as an experiment in crowd control, or to specifically harm protestors.

What does surprise me is that DCist, a site that I enjoy, is giving these barking moonbats some level of credibility by writing about them at all. Maybe I’m just missing the sarcasm tag, maybe I’m just not seeing this as the joke it’s meant to be? While I do dislike the actual hassle that protesting creates, and while I may encourage the restraining of the protestor-who-broke-into-citibank, I don’t think this is a reasoned response from government, or any response at all. To claim, without even remote evidence, that the government is behind this is irresponsible, but isn’t giving voice to the ravings of lunatics also irresponsible?

Update: Martin from DCist weighs in below the cut in the comments section. I guess he was joking after all, phew!

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