Metro Ads

So, much ado has been made over the Metro “Dictionary” ads, and this morning, I saw my very first one.

God what a fucking waste of my fare money.

Doorker? Are you kidding me? Dude, it’s not the guy on the train that’s the problem, because really it’s not like he’s got anywhere else to stand on a 4 car blue line train during rush hour. The real problem are the idiots on the platform, who hover in front of the doors before anyone else can get off. The other day I was on a rush hour red line train, and there were literally 20 people blocking the path out of the train car at Farragut North. That’s the fucking problem, Metro.

Of course, surely, the new Ridership Committee will solve all this? Right? Wait, why are you laughing like that? You mean, Metro did that to assuage public concern but they have no intention of listening? Oh. I get it now…

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