Exercising My Franchise

I got up early this morning, eschewing the usual two or sometimes three snoozes on the alarm, put on some jeans and a ratty t-shirt and drove over to my polling place to vote this morning. I realized as I got out of the car that my bedhead was quite spectacular, and that I hoped the little old ladies that run my precinct in Fairlington would still let me vote despite looking not a whit like my drivers’ license. But away I went, past the campaign signs in the school parking lot (how’s that work, exactly? Hi, I’m a candidate, can I put my propaganda up in your school? Yes? Sweet!) and past the cold looking Republican with a brush cut handing out sample ballots, and past his similarly cold Democrat doing the same.

I went in, identified myself, and cast my ballot on a little touchscreen computer. That concerns me, as it always does, because there’s no paper proof that the computer will see my vote the way I did, which is cause for concern in black-box voting systems. Oh, how I long for the scantron sheets I used in Alexandria in 2000. At least there was a paper trail…

Have you voted today? Tell us your voting story.

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