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As belated birthday gift, my friend Dawn wanted to take me out for… something, she didn’t know what. Lately, I’ve been feeling like I spend all my time in front of the computer or on the phone and have been sort of itching to make a physical something, so we settled on mosaics at Clay Cafe in Falls Church.

On Saturdays after 6 PM, studio time is half price, and the only other cost is the price of the project you’re making, all of which are very reasonably priced (sake set for $18! including the glazing and kiln-firing!) We got there and were momentarily disturbed to notice that we were the only adults there not accompanied by children. Everything in the room seemed to be designed for wee people. But the woman attending the studio that night concealed any surprise she might have felt at the sight of two jaded quarterlifers eyeing the mosaic projects, and got us all set up.

Dawn went for a square tile mosaic to replace the top of a table that was broken in our move here from Pittsburgh a few years ago, and I chose a house number plaque for the front of our condo.

It was therapeutic to spend a couple of hours carefully arranging little bits of glass and gluing them into place while catching up on each others’ lives. We had to watch ourselves, though, seeing as how we were sitting within inches of a group of 8 year olds and some of our conversational topics were, um, less than appropriate for young ears.

We’ll be doing this again sometime soon- maybe pottery painting next time.

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