Bounced to Bourbon

There’s a bar in Glover Park called Bourbon. I’ve wanted to check it out for some time now, then I heard that they were going to open an offshoot in Adams Morgan, but it escaped my mind this past weekend as we wandered in search of post-dinner drinks.

We were a bit aimless, probably due to our consuming an entire bottle of sake with our sushi at Uni (random note: Uni has WiFi now!). It was cold and windy, which inspired a serious hankering for the infused vodka at the cosy Russia House lounge, but they were shut for a private party. “No room at this inn,” we thought, moving on sadly to 18th Street.

It’s funny how I’m sort of “rediscovering” Adams Morgan, lately. On our brisk walk up Columbia Road we passed the apartment building I lived in back in the mid-nineties, as a foolish and totally insane twentysomething. It felt very odd to walk by again.

Our next destination turned out to be the Blue Room, with its glowing bar. However, again we were thwarted – “Private party,” the cheery bouncer informed us, “but the first floor’s open.” This is how we ended up at Bourbon, completely unawares until after sitting down and ordering drinks and then finally noticing the long line of amber bourbon bottles behind the bar.

In case you haven’t guessed, Bourbon is located on the first floor of the Blue Room. It’s a small space with a few tables and booths in front and a bar in back. There’s an almost Asian feel to the simple decor, especially the dark wood bar. Though there were people partying it wasn’t too full at any point in the night, and I found out later that was its opening weekend. The two bartenders were both extremely nice and talented – we had some great cocktails, but ridiculously as we realized afterwards, we never did try any bourbon. From what I could tell they have a great selection. Oh well, I guess we’ll have to return to try them! The music selection was nicely eclectic. It looks primed to become a very popular spot so be sure to check it out before it hits maximum capacity.

I can only hope that you won’t be bounced around too much first – watch out, the private holiday parties have started!

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